Client-side usage

Self-explanatory live examples (using public server):

echo just testing! | nc 9876
cat file.txt | nc 9876

In case you installed and started fiche on localhost:

ls -la | nc localhost 9876

You will get an url to your paste as a response, e.g.:

You can use our beautification service to get any paste colored and numbered. Just ask for it using subdomain, e.g.:

Useful aliases

You can make your life easier by adding a termbin alias to your rc file. We list some of them here:

Pure-bash alternative to netcat


alias tb="(exec 3<>/dev/tcp/; cat >&3; cat <&3; exec 3<&-)"
echo less typing now! | tb

See #42, #43 for more info.

tb alias

Linux (Bash):

echo 'alias tb="nc 9876"' >> .bashrc
echo less typing now! | tb


echo 'alias tb="nc 9876"' >> .bash_profile
echo less typing now! | tb

Copy output to clipboard

Linux (Bash):

echo 'alias tbc="netcat 9876 | xclip -selection c"' >> .bashrc
echo less typing now! | tbc


echo 'alias tbc="nc 9876 | pbcopy"' >> .bash_profile
echo less typing now! | tbc

Remember to reload the shell with source ~/.bashrc or source ~/.bash_profile after adding any of provided above!


To use fiche you have to have netcat installed. You probably already have it - try typing nc or netcat into your terminal!